🗄️Manage your stakes

View the details of your Axion portfolio

Head over to https://stake.axion.network/stake to view and manage your portfolio. The staking page gives you an overview of your stakes and you can also create a new stake here with your liquid $AXN from your wallet. The minimum amount to create a new stake is 50,000 $AXN.

Manage Your Portfolio

Here you can also see your liquid dividends and your active, matured and completed stakes.

  • Active Stakes are all your current stakes which earn you interest.

  • Matured Stakes are completed stakes that require a next action. You can either withdraw or re-stake these stakes in order to earn interest and dividends again.

  • Completed Stakes show you the history of your completed stakes.

Keep an eye on your stakes so you don't run the risk of being penalized. Late Unstakes

Manage Your Stakes

You have different options to manage your active stakes. Those options all come with a small service fee to support the development of Axion.

If you like, you can rename your stake to make it easier to track and identify.

You can also split your stakes into two. Your principal and shares will be split based on the percentage you choose. The length of the stake will remain the same.

The upgrade stake option is only available for stakes shorter than 1887. Those stakes can be upgraded to 5555 days (Max Shares). Stakes over that duration can not be upgraded.

You also have the option to mint your stakes as NFTs and convert them to a unique Galaxy NFT! By doing so, your stake will remain active with the same parameters (start/end dates, principal & shares), and will continue to earn you interest and rewards, but it will now be represented by a unique galaxy NFT depending on the size and duration of your stake. Once your stake is minted as an NFT, it can then be transferred from wallet to wallet, allowing you to move all of your stakes into a single wallet or hardware wallet, or sell your stake as an NFT via Opensea.

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