🎆Launchpad Bounty Program

Refer a project that Axion launches successfully and get $250 as a reward!

With our Launchpad Bounty Program we are encouraging community members to submit potential projects and will be rewarding those members with $250 for any suggestions that are chosen and successfully launched. You will need to do some research on the projects being put forward and not just select any random project, in the hope of it being adopted.

Project Guidelines

  • Projects must be launching on Ethereum, Ethereum EVM, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche.

  • Projects should have solid fundamentals and long-term aspirations.

  • Projects must be ready to launch and not in production or idea stage (close to test-net or main-net).

  • Projects should have a Doxxed or semi-doxxed team, which will be referred to SKRT for review.

  • Projects can be GameFI, DeFi, Product-as-a-service and infrastructure types

Referral Form

There is a referral form to be completed and as much information as possible must be provided. A failure to complete the form as comprehensibly as possible, may result in the project being discarded.

This is a great opportunity to bring great projects to Axion Launch while rewarding our amazing community for doing so.

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