💎Diamond Stake NFTs

DIAMOND STAKE Stakes are meant to last.

This is Axion's first Utility Class token with a great benefit: Accelerator Buy Boosts! When the Diamond Stake NFT is detected in a user's wallet, the Accelerator will automatically apply a 5% bonus on Principal to every Accelerator Bid, allowing you to maximize your Axion allocation whenever you bid. This applies to any accepted token as well as re-investing your wBTC rewards! The Diamond Stake NFT will be the highest percentage boost available in the upcoming Axion NFT store, so get it while you can.

Diamond Stake NFT

Your belief in Axion is as strong as a diamond. You've committed your AXN for the next 5-15 years, and this NFT is proof of your dedication. Revel in the beauty of diamonds as you get a 5% boost on principal with every Accelerator buy.

  • Class: Utility

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Status: Transferrable, Sellable

  • Network: Polygon

  • Function: Accelerator Boost

  • Amount Minted: 589

  • Availability: Limited

Awarded to the first 584 people who restaked maturing BPD1 stakes for another 5 years, or made a new stake of at least 10m AXN for 5 years or more, during the promotional period of October 27th - November 15th, 2021.

More details about distribution here - https://axion.network/diamondstake

The Axion project has never been more exciting, with our recent launch on Polygon, the upcoming NFT Stake ecosystem, the Axion Accelerator, and more. When Axion launched in November of 2020, a small portion of the Axion community staked their AXN tokens for one year (350 days in Axion time). These stakes took advantage of the first BigPayDay (BPD), a pool of tokens set aside to be rewarded to year-long stakers. More tokens are available in BPD2, 3, 4, and 5. With BPD1 just around the corner, Axion is offering the opportunity for the community to re-stake their AXN & BPD1 earnings for a longer time and earn this special NFT. If you have Diamond Hands when it comes to Axion, now you'll be able to show it off. As a community-driven project, if you choose to believe in Axion during this BPD1 event, this NFT is for you. And it gives you a powerful Accelerator bonus as well!

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