🔮Accelerator Bonus

Up to 20.8% additional AXN on your principal

The Axion Accelerator incentives longer stakes and gives a bonus (if available), depending on the length of the new stake. For each year you commit to the stake, you will receive a 1% bonus on your principal. This starts at 1% for a 350 days long stake and goes up to 15% for a max length stake of 5555 days.

Accelerate Your Crypto

The Axion Accelerator holds a bonus allocation of 575,000,000 $AXN every day. Once the bonus allocation for the 24 hour period has been expended, new buyers will only get the 5% discount, but not the additional bonus.

Users can wait until the next day when the accelerator resets (around 20:20 UTC) to buy with the bonus.

The Accelerator started out with a 375,000,000 $AXN bonus on Ethereum and got adjusted with the introduction of the max mint Accelerator contract.

Certain Axion NFTs with the function "Accelerator Boost" grant a bonus on top of the Accelerator Bonus!

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