๐Ÿ™‹Launch With Axion

Launch your project with a unique launchpad

With features like our unique Pledge Engine, Vesting Engine, AMAs with our community, moderator and community support, banner ads running on our platforms, and much more, we are dedicated to making your token launch a success.

Benefits of Launching with Axion Launchpad

Axion's stakers will be generally more inclined to hold new tokens for long-term growth, which benefits the new launch tokens with a more solid foundation of wallet holders.

Axion Launch also brings significant benefits to new or existing tokens by bringing in a dedicated group of investors who believe in the long-term value of cryptocurrency - committed enough to stake an investment for years at a time!

With Axion Launch, Axion Stakers get to enjoy the exclusive benefits of curated launches perfect for our community. This is Axion's way of ensuring portfolio growth of investors who have committed to Axion for the next 1-15 years.

Axion Launch is built to be mutually beneficial to both the Axion community and your blockchain project.

  • Long Term Holders - Our launchpad participants are all long-term stakers, realising the future potential of good projects.

  • Pledge Engine - Our unique funding engine allows users to pledge and submit funds instantly. This ensures that all pledges are recevied and your goals are reached.

  • Vesting Engine - Our vesting contract securely stores the tokens sold during launch. It then allows for efficient vesting to users over a set period of time.

  • KYC Ready - We have fully implemented KYC with our partner Sekuritance, for those launches that require it.

Launchpad Project Preference

Axion Launchpad is a network agnostic launchpad. In our past launches, we have launched projects on various network such as Ethereum and BSC network and now are open to additional launches on Polygon network, Axionโ€™s home.

As a start, Axion aims to partner with projects that demonstrate sustainable and long-term utility within the blockchain landscape.

We want projects that have finalised concept, a solid development team, public or audited code repositories and close to either test-net or main-net implementation.

We unfortunately cannot accept projects that are still at a simple idea stage as Axion is committed to ensure that long-term viable projects are part of the Axion Launchpad ecosystem for private investors to invest in.

In the future, Axion will have a token incubator program. To read more about Axion Launch click here.

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