Axion Launchpad

With the Axion Launchpad, Max Stakers get to enjoy the exclusive benefits of curated launches perfect for our community.
Imagine if thousands of dedicated crypto investors could get in right at the ground floor of exciting new cryptocurrencies, bringing a mutual benefit to both the investors and new cryptos alike! This is Axion Launch
Axion Launch is a new initiative that pairs Axion’s unique ecosystem of long-term stakers with new tokens grounded in ethical finance. With Axion Launch, Max Stakers get to enjoy the exclusive benefits of curated launches perfect for our community. This is Axion's way of giving back to the investors who have committed to Axion for the next 15 years.
Axion Launch also brings significant benefits to new or existing tokens by bringing in a dedicated group of investors who believe in the long-term value of cryptocurrency - committed enough to stake an investment for 15 years! Axion's community of stable, long-term investors is hugely valuable to new or existing tokens, as it brings with it a different mindset than a typical day trading investor. Axion's Max Shares stakers will be generally more inclined to hold new tokens for long-term growth, which benefits the new launch tokens with a more solid foundation of wallet holders.
Each new partner that joins Axion Launch will have unique requirements that are set during the formation of the partnership, so be sure to check the details and fine print for each Launch. Some Launches may purely be airdrops, some may offer unique bonuses, some may allow for significant discounts over purchase price. The commonality will be that the Launch is only available to Axion's Max Shares stakers, people who have staked the maximum 5555 days.
To summarize:
  • Axion Launch is a curated launch platform
  • Axion Launch is only available for Max Shares stakers (5555 stakes) only
  • Axion leverages its powerful staking community to benefit new token launches
  • Each partnership with Axion Launch is unique with its own unique rules and requirements
For a look at past, current, and upcoming Launches, visit the Axion Launch section on our main website -​