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Particle NFTs

Whenever you buy $AXN in the Accelerator, you will be minted a Particles NFT. This NFT will contain Particles that are a multiplier of the amount of AXN you bought in the Accelerator.

The amount of particles multiplier is randomly picked between a 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or a very rare 10x. The maximum Particles' that can be contained in the NFT is 50,000,000 $AXN. Learn more about the Particle NFT.

Equip your Axion Particle NFTs in the Axion Collider https://stake.axion.network/collider for a chance to fuse into new AXN tokens! If your particles fuse into AXN, it will be staked for the duration that you choose. Your AXN stake will behave just like a normal stake, including earning BTC rewards or enabling you to participate in Axion Launch (1 year stakes and up)!

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