☀️The Supernova NFTs

Harness the power of a Supernova

The SUPERNOVA NFT is here, and it's just the tip of the iceberg for Axion's NFT plans and how it will play a pivotal role in the World's Best Staking Ecosystem. Harness the power of a Supernova with Axion's new NFT featuring some fun perks!

Supvernova NFT

Unlock the sun with the Supernova NFT from Axion, enabling a unique visual experience on Axion's Staking Portal, along with a dedicated Supernova tag on the Axion discord.

  • Type: Visual

  • Rarity: Ultra-rare

  • Status: Transferrable, Sellable

  • Network: Polygon

  • Function: Cosmetic

  • Amount Minted: 40

  • Availability: Limited

The last 40 wallets who bid in the Axion Accelerator on the Ethereum network automatically got the Supernova NFT. They were the first to experience the new Staking Portal theme before it became available to the public after launch.

If you want to be the first... you'll have to be the last - on Ethereum that is!

How does it work?

The staking portal will automatically detect the NFT if it is assigned to your wallet, and change the UI interface of the portal to a firey theme. Want to go back to Axion Blue? Simply change the theme setting on the staking portal sidebar to return.

What is the discord tag?

When Discord detects the Supernova NFT in your connected wallet, you will automatically get the Supernova tag and color applied to your account. If you sell or trade this NFT, the tag will be removed. You will need to be a part of the Axion Discord with a registered wallet in order to get this tag.

Does this NFT unlock any other functionality?

This is just the beginning of the Axion NFT ecosystem. Right now, this NFT is classified as a Visual NFT, meaning it offers no utility other than changing the visual flares of the website as well as unlocking specific tags in our Discord. Future Community Events could unlock different functionalities based on the NFTs that users hold, though Axion makes no guarantee of future functionality.

Can I sell or trade this NFT on OpenSea?

Absolutely. This NFT is fully transferrable or sellable, so if you don't want this NFT you can trade it with another person or sell it on the open marketplace.

Do I have to have the Supernova NFT to be a part of the Axion community?

Nope. The World's Best Staking Ecosystem is open to anyone, anytime.

Will there be future Visual NFTs?

We hope to continue this tradition from time to time to showcase various achievements in the future.

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