Buy & Stake in one transaction

The Axion Accelerator https://stake.axion.network/accelerator is a way for users to buy and stake $AXN in a single transaction, saving users gas fees compared to buying on ApeSwap and then staking separately.

It also offers up to a 20.8% bonus compared to buying on the market, plus up to 305% additional shares!

Whilst doing the above, it also generates Bitcoin rewards for the stakers, and forms part of our deflationary measures by buying back AXN from ApeSwap and burning it, creating positive buy pressure with each transaction and reducing the circulating supply.

Certain Axion NFTs give you a bonus on top of your principal with every Accelerator buy.

Max Mint

In our efforts to maintain the total supply of $AXN available in the market, the Accelerator maxMint (mint cap) has been set to a maximum of 150B additional tokens. This was one of the most significant final changes recently introduced to the Accelerator before it also becomes immutable.

If the Accelerator sold out every day with the bonus allocation of 575,000,000 $AXN tokens, it would take approximately 260 days for the Accelerator to reach its end of life. If it only sells out at 65% per day, it will take over 400 days.

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