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Use the Axion Calculator to get an estimate of Staking earnings

Information here needs to be updated as the Axion Calculator is currently not working properly. - Metal

Users can get an estimation of future staking earnings by using the AxionCalc.

This is accessible at https://calc.axion.network

Simply enter the amount you wish to stake on the first slider. You will see the current dollar value of your selected amount under the 'Initial' heading further down the page.

Then drag the duration slider to see how different stake lengths affect your rewards. 'Longer Pays Better' is a key function of Axions staking mechanisms, as stakers are rewarded with more shares the longer they stake. The shares are used to calculate daily rewards.

The 'Global Share Rate' slider doesn't need to be adjusted.. it is set to the current Share rate. But you can slide it up, to see how waiting a couple of weeks to stake would give you fewer shares. Staking earlier is always better!

The 'Stake Earnings' section is what you could earn in AXN interest+rewards. These are locked until the end of your stake (its maturity date) unless you perform an early unstake.

The 'VCA Earnings' are the rewards that our VCA auctions pay to stakers, currently 100% wBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin). These rewards are liquid, meaning you can withdraw them at any point during your stake.

If you wish, you can enable the 'Simulate future AXN price' checkbox and drag the slider up. This will simulate the increase in VCA rewards that you get as the price of Axion goes up. It will also adjust the Outcome under Stake Earnings.

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* AxionCalc only provides an estimate based on the current pool size. It is impossible to accurately predict the number of rewards you will receive over the term of your stake, as it is based on many variables. For the AXN interest and rewards, it takes into count that your Stakers Share Percentage may drop by up to 80%. For the VCA earnings, it does not, these numbers will be very accurate to start, but over time you may receive fewer rewards unless the price goes up, which will counterbalance this.

We cannot hold any responsibility for miscalculations and reserve the right to update the formula used to produce these estimates at any time.

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