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Learn how to navigate around the Axion Staking Portal

The Axion Staking Portal can be accessed through this link

Here you can find

Using the staking platform, users can lock up their Axion in exchange for shares which will earn rewards over time. The staking contract temporarily burns AXN in return for shares. Shares in the Axion ecosystem are the most valuable asset as they determine the payouts drawn from reward, holdings, and reward pools.

Stakers earn more shares by staking for longer periods of time (much like CDs) in order to accumulate more rewards.

Not only do we pay interest and rewards in AXN, but since the launch of the Accelerator on 1st September 2021, we also pay rewards in Bitcoin!

This bitcoin is also liquid, meaning you can withdraw it at any time during your stake, as many times as you like.

Because BTC is not on the Polygon network, we actually pay these rewards using wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), which is essentially the same thing but available on the Polygon network and holds the exact same value as Bitcoin.

We have seen an impressive amount staked so far:

Over 75% of our total supply is staked.

Over 250 Billion AXN staked (~$40 million dollars) Over 150 Billion AXN staked for the max duration of 15.22 years (~$25 million dollars)

Having such a large percentage of our token staked means the price is far less susceptible to large drops.

If you are interested in staking, you can estimate your earnings or follow the staking tutorial here.

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