⚙️How To Transfer or Sell Your Galaxy NFT

Move or sell your Galaxy NFTs

After you have minted or bought a Galaxy NFT you can use it like any other NFT. Have in mind that any $BTC rewards accumulated over the time of holding the NFT will not be transferred over since these are tied to the wallet holding the Galaxy Stake.

In order to ensure Axion's sustainability, when a stake is sold or transferred to a new owner, it's principal, shares and interest will be reduced by 10%.

Using Opensea to Transfer your NFT

Head over to https://opensea.io/account and connect your wallet. Here you should be able to see all the NFTs you are currently holding. Click on the Galaxy Stake NFT you want to transfer to a new wallet.

From here you have several options. Here you can view the details of your NFT and access the statistics of your NFT, such as the amount of $AXN and the shares held.

To transfer the NFT to a different wallet, click on the Transfer icon on the top right.

This will open a new site where you have to enter the new wallet address. Have in mind that NFTs sent to the wrong address cannot be recovered! After clicking on Transfer a MetaMask windows will open to confirm the transaction.

Now that it has been confirmed on the blockchain, the Galaxy Stake NFT will start collecting rewards for the new wallet.

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