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Learn the basics and have your say on decisions for the future of Axion!

DAO is an acronym of 'Decentralized Autonomous Organization'. This is a group of people or organizations that are unified in purpose such that they act as one organizational body.

This DAO gives Axion holders a chance to vote on prominent changes to the Axion ecosystem. Qualified holders (depending on the stake duration and amount) will submit their votes by signing a free transaction in their MetaMask wallet on the Axion DAO.

Visit https://vote.axion.network to view previous votes and results.

Users will need to press the Connect Wallet button to connect the wallet holding their stakes, in order to place their vote. On a mobile, the Connect Wallet is a small icon at the top of the page, accessible through the menu icon on the top right.

Once your wallet is connected, you can select a vote option and click Vote.

A Confirm Vote window will open, showing you your voting power (how many of your shares qualify for voting).

Once you confirm your vote, MetaMask will open a Signature Request transaction. This is a free transaction. Simply click Sign, and your vote will be placed.

If you have any trouble voting, please visit our Discord to create a support ticket, so our team can assist you.

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