⚒️Create A New Stake

Learn how to create your first AXN stake and start earning $AXN + $BTC

Staking Axion

You can use the Axion staking portal to stake your liquid $AXN here https://stake.axion.network/stake. When you create a stake with liquid $AXN, the liquid $AXN leaves your wallet and is burned. In return, you are assigned a number of Shares, which are used to calculate your daily interest and dividends.

Stakes are assigned to your wallet address. There is no need to create an account, simply connect your wallet and you will be able to access your stakes in the future with the same wallet.

Add A New Stake

  • Click Connect to connect your wallet. Once connected, the My Portfolio section should show any AXN that you have in your wallet.

  • Head to the Add a new stake section as seen below

  • Enter the amount or AXN that you wish to stake in the first box. The minimum amount to stake is 50,000 AXN. Optionally, click Send Max to stake all of your liquid AXN.

  • Adjust the slider or type in the number of days that you wish to stake for. Bear in mind, that you need to stake for over 350 days to qualify for any of the five Big Pay Days. You will see them change from ❌ to ✔ as you qualify for each one. Not sure how long to stake for?​

  • Don't forget that staking longer gives far more shares, which means more dividends each and every day.

  • Staking for the maximum of 5555 days gives you 'Max Share' status, qualifying you for presales and airdrops, as well as gaining you the highest payouts.

Staking Transactions

  • When ready, press Stake. The STAKE transaction will open. Confirm this, and wait until it has completed.

  • If you have submitted a transaction but nothing has happened for 5 minutes or so, you need to check Polygonscan to see if the transaction is stuck. If you're not sure how to do this, head over to our Discord to Get Support

  • Do not submit repeated transactions, or you will end up with multiple pending transactions.

  • Once your stake is complete, you will notice the Liquid AXN has gone from your wallet, and if you scroll down the page you will see it listed under Active Stakes.

  • Now you're all set!


  • Stakes are permanent once created. They cannot be undone.

  • The minimum amount of Axion that can be staked is 50,000.

  • Stakes shorter than 1887 days have the option to be Upgraded to 5555 days (Max Shares). Stakes over that duration can not be upgraded.

  • Users can perform an Early Unstakes but there is a large penalty for doing so.

  • It is best to create your stake from a hardware wallet for security, especially if it is a 15-year stake.

  • Stakes can be moved to other wallets through the

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