๐ŸฆบIs Axion Safe?

How safe are your tokens?

Whether youโ€™re completely new to Crypto or a seasoned veteran, the first and possibly most important question that you should ask is: How safe is the protocol?

Is the project audited?

Long-term investing requires top security and confidence in the Smart Contracts that power our ecosystem. Axion has partnered with the top Crypto Auditing companies to make sure every product it releases has been thoroughly tested and verified to be secure. Axion has had multiple audits by different companies, and you can read the results of the audits Hacken, Certik, Solidity.Finance and Halborn.

Team-led, community driven

Axion Network is managed by the development team through community support.

  • Core team

  • Marketing team

  • Moderator team

  • Axion Advisory Council

  • Axion Community Content Creators

You can read more about the team here. (We are in the process of updating our team page on the website)

How โ€œaccessibleโ€ is the team?

As a community-run project, community members can reach out to team members through discord ticket or through DMs. Community feedbacks play an important role in making Axion the world's best staking ecosystem.

How active is its community?

Axionโ€™s community is heads and shoulders above the rest. From the moderators to the โ€œregularsโ€ to the completely new crypto enthusiast. Axionโ€™s community is always active and ready to give advice or help with any questions you may have. Visit us on Discord and join our community!

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