🔐Secure Your Crypto (Ledger)

Learn how to set up and use your Ledger Nano hardware wallet

If you don't have a hardware wallet yet, it's strongly recommended that you invest in one, as it keeps your crypto much safer than a software wallet alone.

Initial Setup

  1. Download Ledger Live from https://ledger.com/start

  2. Connect your new ledger via USB.

  3. Select Set up as a new device.

  4. Set a pin code.

  5. Write down the 24 words on Paper.

  6. Confirm the words on the device.

  7. In the Ledger Live app, press Add Account, which will add the wallet you just created to your ledger.

  8. Now, you can press Receive to see your new wallet address and send some ETH over to it.

Two ways of connecting the wallet to websites like Axion:

Wallet Connect with Ledger Live

  1. As long as the wallet has some MATIC in it, when looking at the Account in Ledger Live, press the [Manage] button, and select [Wallet Connect].

  2. Go to https://stake.axion.network and press Connect, and choose Wallet Connect.

  3. Copy the code under the QR code, and paste it into the Ledger Live software.

Import to MetaMask

  1. First, you must enable the 'Ledger Live Bridge' under advanced settings.

  2. Then press Import Hardware Wallet in the Metamask menu

  3. Confirm the popup in Ledger Live, and select the first account once it pops up.

  4. Your wallet is now imported to MetaMask!

Once connected using either of the above methods, it can then be used like a normal wallet, but you will need to confirm each transaction on the device itself.

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