Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) dividends build up in the staking platform for anyone who has an Axion stake. You can leave it to build up in there, and withdraw at any time you want to. There is no penalty for late withdrawals, and you can withdraw as frequently as you wish.

Withdraw your wBTC

  • Go to the Staking page and scroll down to the Venture Capital Auction Dividends section:

  • Click the Withdraw button, and a MetaMask transaction window will open.

  • Accept the transaction, and wait until it has completed. You will notice the numbers reset to 0 once the withdrawal has been complete.

  • You should now see your wBTC balance in MetaMask.

  • If you don't see wBTC in the Assets list, you need to click Add Tokens, search for wBTC and add it. Then you will see your balance.

Metamask shows a lower dollar value for the wBTC than you expected?

This is due to MetaMask only showing three decimal places on wBTC, when in fact there should be eight. Rest assured that your balance is correct, just not displaying in MetaMask. If you check Polygonscan you will see the correct dollar value.

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