Sushiswap is a Decentralized Trading Protocol, allowing liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Other than purchasing via the daily Accelerator, Sushiswap is the only other place to buy AXN at this time.

Instructions for buying AXN on Sushiswap

This tutorial presumes you already have a MetaMask wallet setup.

  • Always make sure the URL in the address bar is

  • Click Connect Wallet at the top right to connect your MetaMask wallet and make sure you have the Polygon selected as the active network.

  • The first time you use SushiSwap to purchase ANY token, you will see this Import Token screen. Click Import.

  • You will now see the main SushiSwap interface:

  • You should now see your balances shown in the interface, and AXN as the selected 'to' token.

  • Enter the amount of ETH (or other tokens) that you wish to trade for AXN.
    Make sure to leave at least 0.01 MATIC in your wallet at all times, this is to cover gas fees when trading the coin back to eth, or staking etc.

  • Press Swap followed by Confirm Swap

  • A MetaMask transaction window will open, showing you the transaction fee (gas) and the total amount. Click Confirm.

  • Your transaction will then be submitted to the blockchain for processing. Please wait, do not send repeated transactions as only one can be processed at a time.

  • After a short while, a notification should pop up on the Sushiswap page saying Transaction Successful

If you have any problems buying on Sushiswap, please use our live chat support at the bottom right of this screen to get assistance.

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