Tipping users in Discord is mostly just for fun, but it is actually real Axion, and sometimes people tip very large amounts!

Tips are also used for prizes when our community members run contents and quizzes etc in the Discord. The largest I have seen so far was 2,229,913 AXN! (That's over $1,000 at the time of writing!)

UPDATE - The largest single tip is now 15,000,000 AXN!  Even more reason to be a part of the Discord community!

Tips are stored inside a virtual tipping wallet within Discord, they're not immediately sent to your wallet.

Everyone can receive tips by default, but in order to send tips, you either need to register a real ethereum wallet and deposit some AXN into your tipping account or wait until someone has tipped you so that you can tip it on to someone else.

In order to register a wallet, so you can deposit or withdraw AXN, please follow the steps on this article: Discord - Role Verification

Tipping Commands

Basic Tip

/tip to amount | Tips the specified user or role a specified amount of Axion

When tipping a username, you must click their name from the dropdown after it appears:

/tip @ermahgerd 1000

When tipping a role... it will split your amount amongst everyone in that role:

/tip @moderator 10000

Make it Rain

/rain time amount
Splits your tip amongst everyone who sent a message in the channel you are in, within the specified timeframe.

/rain 30m 10000
/rain 1d 100000
/rain 2m 1000000

Registering an ethereum wallet

!register yourWalletAddress | Register the specified wallet address for tipping, role management, voting, etc. See this article for more instructions.

!remove walletAddress | Remove the specified wallet address from your accounts.

!accounts | View all linked addresses (max: 3).

Checking your balance, depositing, or withdrawing

!balance | View your total tipping account balance.

!deposit | Receive a deposit address to send AXN to.

!withdraw amount | Withdraws the specified amount to your primary address (first linked address).

If you are wanting to withdraw your tips, you will need to wait until you have saved up several hundred thousand AXN. This is because there is a standard transaction fee involved in sending the tips to your actual wallet, and this is around 50,000 AXN on average.

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