The following groups of people are entitled to access special channels on our discord:

  • Whales (Own over 1 Billion AXN)

  • Sharks (Own over 500m AXN)

  • Dolphins (Own over 100m AXN)

  • OG-5555 (Staked at least 2.5m AXN for 5555 before 28th November 2020)

By verifying your wallet, you will automatically be granted any roles you are entitled to, based on the amount of Liquid+Staked AXN in your wallets. You can connect multiple wallets if you have your investment spread across several bags.

Verifying a wallet

Head over to discord and go to the #bot-spam channel

  • Type !register WALLETADDRESSHERE to connect your wallet. For example:

    !register 0xe0a522d0736b2870ef8d552dba26525aa3a7db1a

  • You will be sent a private message by the Axion Bot, requesting you send an exact amount of ETH to yourself, to prove ownership of that wallet.

Send 0.000000000079755827 Eth (exact amount) from 0xe0A522D0736b2870ef8D552DBA26525Aa3a7dB1A to 0xe0A522D0736b2870ef8D552DBA26525Aa3a7dB1A to verify ownership of the address.
  • In Metamask, first, copy your address, then press SEND.

  • Paste your own address in the Recipient field

  • Paste the exact amount that the bot told you, e.g. 0.000000000079755827

  • Hit send and wait until the transaction is completed

  • After 5 minutes, head back to #bot-spam and type !accounts


  • The Axion Bot will send you another DM, and list all the accounts you have connected, and show either Verified or Unverified next to each one.

  • If it still says unverified, please try !accounts again after 5 or 10 minutes

Once your wallet is verified, it may take up to 24 hours to be granted any roles that you qualify for. If after 24 hours you still don't see any roles, please use our live chat to open a support ticket.

Please note, the Balance shown when you type !accounts or !balance is not the balance of your connected wallets. It is rather, the balance of your virtual tipping wallet within the Discord platform. See our article on Tipping for more information.

Removing a wallet

If you wish to deregister a wallet address from your discord username, please go to the #bot-spam channel and do the following:

  • Type !remove WALLETADDRESSHERE to disconnect your wallet. For example:

    !remove 0xe0a522d0736b2870ef8d552dba26525aa3a7db1a

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