Whether you’re completely new to Crypto or a seasoned veteran, the first and possibly most important question that you should ask is: How safe is my investment?

Any smart investor will tell you the following words, "Do not invest more than you can afford to lose." That being said, when thinking about investing in any platform, there are ways to minimize that risk. Some questions you should ask yourself:

Is the project audited?

In the crypto-sphere, scams and hacks are prevalent, to say the least, and arguably no aspect is as affected as DeFi. So, when looking into a DeFi platform you should inquire about its security. In crypto, a DeFi project's security is determined by its code, and having audits done by reputable, trusted, and proven auditing companies is the number one way to ensure that the code (and by extension, your investment.) is safe.

Axion has had multiple audits by different companies, and you can read the results of the audits Hacken, Certik, Solidity.Finance and Halborn.

Are the creators known?

Most questionable crypto projects tend to have things in common. One of those things is a completely anonymous team. For obvious reasons, a team behind a project is much less likely to have malicious thoughts if you know their identities. While some of Axion’s team remain anonymous for now, many others are both known and easy to reach such as the Lead Developer- Travis Delly. You can read more on the team here.

How “accessible” is the team?

Just as questionable platforms have many things in common, great platforms also have things in common. One of those things is the “distance” between a project’s team and its investors. Can you speak directly with anyone on the team? Will they respond in a timely manner? In a digital investing environment, being accessible and communicating openly is key. This is an area where Axion stands out. Whether it’s the project’s Founder, Devs, Marketing or Moderator team, everyone is reachable.

How active is its community?

In decentralized finance, there are several ways the project and its investors communicate with one another. What better way to find out about the happenings within a platform or what experience other investors have had than to speak with them yourself! Every reputable project will have a website, Discord, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, or even better- all of the above. Axion’s community is heads and shoulders above the rest. From the moderators to the “regulars”, to the completely new crypto investor. Axion’s community is active at all times and ready to give advice or help with any questions that you may have.

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