HEX2T was Axions presale token back in 2020.
If you are holding HEX2T in your wallet, I'm afraid it is not worth anything.

Any valid holders who had HEX2T before November 2nd 2020, would have been airdropped HEX3T around the 13th of November.

To check if you have HEX3T, simply open your wallet address on Etherscan and open the Token dropdown menu.

If you do have HEX3T, you can swap it for AXN here.

If you have HEX2T but not HEX3T, you have either already exchanged your HEX3T for AXN, or you purchased the HEX2T after November 2nd.

The exchange will be available for 350 days, from November 13th 2020 until October 29th 2021, however, there is a Late Claim Penalty for late exchange.

The amount of the penalty is calculated by the formula: Penalty = HEX3T amount * (day since free claim starts / 350)

All penalized tokens will be sent to the following days' auction.

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