Once you have created your first Axion stake, you can track it in a few different ways.

Via the official Staking Portal

The easiest way to track your investment is via the official Staking Portal.

Simply visit the portal and connect your wallet.

You will see all of your stakes at the bottom of the Staking page, and you can see how much interest has accrued so far, and the current APY.

Axion Staking

Here you will also see your wBTC dividends. These can be withdrawn at any time.

Via the unofficial Axion.Today website

The Axion.Today team have built a brilliant statistics website full of information relevant to Axion. You don't need to connect your wallet to see stats, you simply enter your own wallet address.

Axion.Today Overview
Axion.Today Auctions
Axion.Today Activity

The Portfolio section allows you to enter your own wallet address and track your investment:

Axion.today Portfolio

This includes a breakdown of the Bitcoin you have earned:

Earn bitcoin with Axion

As well as the AXN interest and dividends:

Axion.today portfolio
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