Axion's first and most influential partnership came through a deal with Connect Financial, a company that is working endlessly to bring true, accessible cryptocurrency to vendors all over the world through its Connect Card.

Connect Financial offers a first-of-its-kind crypto credit card that is available to anyone globally (with the exception of OFAC sanctioned Countries or individuals). The Connect Card differentiates itself in how it manages other users' crypto balances. Other similar "crypto card" projects are essentially prepaid debit cards, requiring you to liquidate your cryptocurrency and load your card as fiat, which can have severe limitations on usage or acceptance.

With Connect, you can convert your currency at the time of spending, or carry it forward and pay it off later when the account balance is due.

Axion's partnership with Connect Financial

Axion’s very first partnership was formed with Connect Financial in December of 2020. Axion will be natively supported within the Connect Financial ecosystem, with direct and upfront visuals within the Connect Financial dashboard, including staking reward APY’s and information on how to stake/buy/swap direct in the app.

While “Connect Financial” is a new name in the marketplace, their team members have been working in Financial Technology (Fintech), International Banking, Insurance, Credit Services, Precious Metals, Investment Banking, Consumer Lending, and Cryptocurrencies for decades. They are PCI level 1 compliant, safely handling more than 6 million card transactions per year.

Axion Credit Card

Axion NFT Holder Benefits

With the partnership, also came three very special benefits for Axion’s OG members.

  1. Anyone who was an original holder of the OG-2.5-5555 NFT got a 25% discount during the presale with a max of 66,666 CNFI. That brought the price per CNFI down to $0.075 from the normal presale price of $0.10. That’s currently over a 2,000% increase since the presale, at the time of writing this article.

  2. Original OG-2.5-5555 members will also be eligible for a limited edition Axion 5555 card. The final design is still pending.

  3. When an OG-2.5-5555 member holds a minimum of 50,000 CNFI in their verified address, they will receive a tier upgrade on their card benefits. Instead of being eligible for gold status, they will receive platinum card tier with all the perks and privileges held by that tier. This does not impact staking weight or earnings.

For more information, and to read through the full partnership FAQ, please refer to this article:

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