Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with the Axion community, and have your vote on how Axion evolves.

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Please note, our Discord may not be suitable for every investor, and we are not responsible for the content that our members post. That being said, it is moderated by a team of moderators.


1. No blatant discrimination, taunting, or personal attacks.

For obvious reasons, our community is designed to be a positive place to discuss, collaborate and work together on the overall value of the Axion Community. We are firm advocates of free speech but we also recognize that things like sexism, racism, or harsh verbal attacks upon others are unconstructive to the community as a whole. It's not a safe space, but we aren't a hurt box either.

2. No links, promotions, or shilling for other brand projects or discords

Please do not come here with the intention of pitching your own or a product you are affiliated with. Be it subtly or otherwise. These kinds of things cannot be moderated fairly on a 1-by-1 basis, so we enforce a strict no-tolerance policy on them. If a user does message you from this group with any unsolicited offers, please PM a Moderator or use the live chat on this support site, so that they can be removed.

3. We encourage constructive free speech

That said, you're dealing with a moderation team that stems from some of the deepest places on the internet. They see what you're doing when you start subtly trying to push your own agenda or are visibly hurting the atmosphere in the channel while trying to "Not technically" break any rules.

4. Stay on-topic | Each channel has an intended purpose. In the spirit of coherent debate and fruitful conversations, we require everyone to only use each channel for their intended purpose. General discussion around Axion goes in #general, any other subject goes in #off-topic.

5. If you have a serious issue, let us know in PMs so we can take care of it | If you have any problems in chat, take it up with either a @Moderator in PM. Do not report problems in the public chat, this is considered disruptive. If the issue remains unresolved after PMing staff or if you are unhappy with the outcome, please contact @Jack__

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